Winter skincare regimen with First Aid Beauty Ultra repair line and Aubio lip balm


Winter’s harsh weather is no friend to anyone’s skin and especially if your skin is already dry or sensitive. Not to mention if you live in the climate as extreme as USA Midwest you will know how brutal winter can be on your skin – cold and wind outside and dry air from the heating inside. For my skin this has been awful combination and I have been battling dry , irritated, parched skin since I moved to Chicago 8 years ago.  My skin prior to that was actually normal with combination T zone. This is my first time using FAB products even though I’ve heard raves about their Ultra repair line and especially their famous Ultra repair cream.

In 2009, beauty industry veteran and First Aid Beauty (aka FAB) founder, Lilli Gordon, embarked on a rescue mission to create a simple, yet effective skincare collection that addressed common skin challenges. At FAB, they put the beauty into first aid skincare with scientifically-advanced formulas and luxurious textures that deliver immediate relief and long-term results.



First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is designed to heal irritated, cracked, and itchy skin that’s the result of minor to moderate skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, chronic dermatitis, and other skin problems. It is one flexible multi-tasker that everyone needs in their beauty stash. You can use it on your face, body, any dry areas such as elbows, knees… The primary active ingredient in First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is colloidal oatmeal, which has been proven to be effective of itchy, dry, or flaking skin. It also soothes the skin, which helps stop the cycle of itching, scratching, and damaging the skin. This ingredient also contains emollients that make the skin softer to smoother to the touch while improving its appearance as well. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream also contains glycerin, which helps the skin shed dead, rough skin cells while helping new cells retain moisture for improve hydration. Licorice extract is included as both a skin cleanser and as an emollient, smoothing and soothing the skin on the surface to ease irritation. Ultra repair cream does not contain parabens, harsh chemicals, colorants or fragrance. It does have very soft natural scent due to having a bit of Eucalyptus oil (That is acting as antibacterial) but it goes away fast after the application. It is great choice for using after aggressive cosmetic treatments since it is suited even for the most irritated and sensitized skin.



First Aid Beauty Ultra repair cream has whipped lightweight texture. I was surprised how fluffy this cream feels and how fast it absorbs. Leaves no residue or oily feeling so you can use it in the morning prior to makeup application. I keep it on my night stand and I love to apply thicker layer to my hands – especially the cuticles. This is such well rounded multi tasker from dry skin to bug bites, post cosmetic irritation, burned skin… you name it and this cream will truly deliver relief and results.

It comes in 1 oz, 2 oz, 6 oz,  8 oz and 12 oz (talk about options!) and prices range from 6.50$ for the smallest to 42$ for the largest size. Extremely budget friendly!



 First Aid Beauty Facial radiance pads are great addition to normal, dry or sensitive skin care regiment to boost the hydration and help fight dullnes. Any skin that is dry most likely will look dull and not even toned at the same time. These are meant to be used after cleansing and before moisturizing. I used them nightly before applying Ultra repair cream. They can be used both in the morning and in the evening but I opted to do it once a day just to make sure my skin doesn’t react to them. They are EXTREMELY gentle. You would be surprised as I was too. I do love to exfoliate and it helps with overall skin appearance as well as getting rid of dry flaky spots and this method of exfoliation is very nice addition in between using physical exfoliant. Each pad is very well saturated and you have enough for face, neck and upper chest. Two main ingredients in these pads are lactic acid -proven to be beneficial in helping the skin shed old, dead skin cells that stick together to create uneven skin tone and contribute to a dull complexion and glycolic acid – hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has Indian Gooseberry that helps tone the skin while lemon peel and licorice root help brighten the complexion.



Facial radiance pads come in two sizes – 28 pads for 15$ and 60 pads for 30$ which is reasonable since you can use bigger one for two months if you use it only at night. Compared to other exfoliating pads on the market this is probably the best bang for your buck.



First Aid Beauty Face cleanser is a daily essential for gentle cleansing , removing makeup, oil, dirt and pollution from the skin. It has whipped texture that turns into rich cream when blended with water. Face Cleanser is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin, skin that is undergoing treatment or as a gentle alternative for healthy skin since it preserves natural ph of the skin and does not strip the skin from the natural oils. It is gentle enough to be used morning and evening even on the sensitive skin. It contains aloe barbadensis leaf extract as one of its primary active ingredients. This ingredient improves the appearance of the skin’s surface, allowing dead cells to be sloughed off to boost the growth of new skin cells. Allantoin smooths the skin’s texture while soothing irritation that causes flaking and itching, while a mix of antioxidants such as white tea and licorice root cleans pores deeply without causing the  dryness that often happens with alpha hydroxy or alcohol-based cleansers.

First Aid Beauty face cleanser comes in the 4 sizes – 1 oz, 2 oz , 5 oz and 8 oz and prices range from 5.50$ to 30$


On the left – lush whipped texture of the Ultra repair cream. On the right creamy texture of the Face cleanser.


I recently discovered another amazing product that has proven to be super helpful and efficient during winter months –  Aubio hydrating lip balm aka my new best friend! I have the driest lips in the world (if you think your lips are dry mine are 10 times worse) and this little gem has helped me a lot! It is hydrating botanical formula that contains skin lipids for intense moisturizing. I love that it stays on really well so i don’t have to reapply often. You can get it at target for 9.99$. It has rich emollient texture and smells divine!



All of the product mentioned above can be found at and Sephora/ , Ulta/  while Aubio is available at your local Target.


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