YSL Volume Effet Faux cils review and photos

YSL EFC is one of the most popular and best selling high end mascaras. It was my first HE mascara 5 years ago. Since then I have not repurchased it until just recently because I got it in a set with YSL touch eclat for 40$ only in Loreal company store. And I wanted to try YSL TE for a long time.
Comes in a golden sleek tube. Packaging is eye catching and shiny just like all the YSL packaging is. Might call it “European chic”.
Both times I purchased it in Black.  Formula is on a thicker side and kind of drier compared to some other mascaras. That’s good because it does not clump. Formula feels “waxy”. It has strong scent to it that does not go away even when you apply it. It evaporates after a while. Even though it’s strong scent it does not bother my eyes.

It has really nice brush, maybe the best one on the market. Not too big not too small, just the right size and 
the right amount of bristles.  
Very good mascara for easy everyday look with one coat. If you like more dramatic you will need two coats but it’s not easy buildable because it dries fast after application although lashes stay soft and don’t become stiff.
Removal is easy with dual phase makeup remover.
I have three complaints about this mascara:
-It dries fast in the tube so does not last as long as some other high end ones
-Because of the waxy texture you need to clean/wash the brush occasionally or it will be clumped and bristles will be stuck on the wand
-Black is not black enough (at least for me, I like very deep black)
Bare eye :
Two coats of YSL Effet faux cils

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