Yves Saint Laurent Souffle D’Eclat Finishing Veil

From the first application, skin’s beauty is highlighted in a luminous veil that ensures a fresh feeling throughout the day. Micro Mother of Pearl particles enhance complexion’s natural radiance, while the airy powder hugs the skin, sets and perfects make-up, delivering a reliably flawless finish. For all skin types, even sensitive and dry skin.

I had really high expectations from this YSL powder. From the moment it was released I got excited for it because I like my YSL Touche eclat highlighting pen and liquid foundation so this would be such a perfect additon to those two.

I wrote about YSL Touche eclat liquid foundation here. It really needs setting powder on top so I was so glad that YSL made Souffle d’eclat.

Picking out the shade online was kind of hard because most of the swatches seem so dark but I went with 2 which is lightest yellow toned, while 1 is pink toned. I picked a good color because in real it’s much lighter than I expected. It is a great match for Dior 011/021 ,Chanel beige 10/20 , MAC NC15/20, NARS Deuvile…

It comes in beautiful golden luxurious packaging. YSL did not fail on this one. I am not big fan of golden color but YSL does it so nicely and it really is their signature.

Every time I buy loose powder I remind myself how much I hate this kind of a product or this kind of a packaging to be more accurate. It’s messy. What else can I say but messy and hard to use? Powder gets everywhere, you need to shake it to get some out then you get too much out… puff is cute and soft but useless. You can get some powder on your face with the puff but you still need to blend it out with a brush. So I choose to put some powder in the lid, swirl my big powder brush in there and buff it on.

The way YSL described this powder it made mi think of one other product – Guerlain meteorites perles. It promises to deliver that glowy luminous skin. The way I like to call it “photoshoped”. Well not really… sigh…

In my swatch on the bottom of this page you will see that it does have some shimmer in it but keep in mind that it is super heavy swatch and it doesn’t really look like that applied with a brush.  I wore it over different foundations to see the effect and I was left disappointed.

It gives the same finish as any basic setting powder and it left me looking almost matte, dull, not glowy at all… it also enhanced my dryness and it made my skin itch on some parts of my face. I had to spray MAC fix + to help sooth and calm that dry itchy feeling.

Honestly I could have skipped this… But my OCD was in the full swing with trying to wear all complexion products from the same brand. For 66$ I  did expect more. 

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