Zoya Innocence Spring 2019

Introducing INNOCENCE, the newest collection by Zoya for Spring 2019 that is evocative of nature and the transitions from Winter to Summer. Complete with its own thunderstorm in the color Theo, this collection is stormy and subtle, yet features a touch of brightness and softness.

Innocence is a perfect collection for those loving cooler toned nail polishes. I can’t say this is typical spring collection especially considering Theo – it is dark and very unique I do not think I’ve ever seen similar nail polish. I can’t say I am a huge fan of it, not my cup of tea but it is done so well – opaque coverage in two coats and a combination of chunky glitter and silver flakies makes it really special.

My two favorite shades from this collection are the nude ones – are you surprised? Not typically a nude fan these two are done so well I am really impressed. Great formula on both, creme with opaque and even coverage in two coats. Agnes is a warm toned blush – the perfect nude! Birch is a greige lavender leaning on a cooler side.

Fern is beautiful but I have a feeling I’ve already seen this color made many times? Or is it just me? Anyways great formula and beautiful tinny shimmer in it.

Evette is beautiful creme grape and beside the nude ones another favorite of mine from this collection. I would rock it on my toes too.

Agnes can best be described as a warm toned muted blush in a full coverage cream formula.
Fern can best be described as a balanced sage with a beautiful warm pearl accent.
Birch can best be described as a gentle greiged lavender in a full coverage cream formula.
Aire can best be described as a deep, dusty periwinkle blue in a full coverage cream formula.
Evette can best be described as a softened grape with a pink undertone to balance, in a full coverage cream formula.
Theo can best be described as a stormy grey with subtle texture featuring a flash of larger irregular silver flakies in silver, with dark blue glitter throughout. Like a spring thunderstorm in the night.

You can order Zoya Innocence spring 2019 here: https://www.zoya.com/content/category/Splash_Page_Innocence.html

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