Zoya Jubilee Holiday 2018 Collection


It’s time to celebrate Jubilee! The newest assortment from Zoya for Holiday 2018 features a range of beautiful creams, lux metals, and a new special effect topper. Whether you’re simply celebrating the fun in life, or want to brighten up the dreary winter days, Jubilee will be your escape. Come enjoy our newest collection that has a little something for everyone.

Zoya Jubilee Holiday 2018 collection is made to please every nail polish lover – depending if you love creams, shimmers, toppers or even Pixi dust there is something for everyone! My favorites are creams as always! Maxine is incredible red – a bit brighter than usual winter red but the formula is incredible. I really feel that Zoya stepped up their game when it comes to their formulas – they are more pigmented, thicker and richer and just glide on so easily. Many shades I’ve tried in the past couple of collections were one coaters. There are two nudes – Carson and Leigh. One leans yellow another one leans pink toned nude.  Chiara is beautiful cool toned deep purple (has very strong blue undertone) and gives full coverage in one coat. If you love purple nails you need to get this one. Jubilee features two Pixi dusts – honestly I haven’t used them in so long I always forget how to apply them. They require some work but the end result is very special. My third favorite cream from this collection is Danica – such a reach deap teal and again full coverage in one coat and such a high shine finish.


Maxine –  a rich red cream with an evenly balanced undertone – bright, yet still appropriate for the season.


Leigh -a perfect winter nude, rich and warm cream with just a hint of pink to compliment any skin tone.


Carson -a muted nude pink cream,  beautiful shade to create an understated elegance and perfect for the cold weather months


Taryn– a fiery fuchsia micro-iridescent shimmer with blue undertones – a shade that brightens even the gloomiest of winter days.


Astrid– a liquid gold foil that adds a festive touch to any holiday look – wear as an accent or alone for optimum impact.


Allison– a plum-toned ruby cream ,a more amped up version of a traditional plum shade.


Kateri-a beautiful midnight brown cream – think of this as the new black!


Chiara– a deep purple cream – a gorgeous compliment to the rich jewel tones of the season


Danica -a rich deep teal cream – a new twist on holiday green that gives you an edgy, yet elegant look


Juniper -a sparkling teal textured PixieDust shade – especially perfect when paired with Leopoard Spots effect polish layered over.


Cookie– a purple PixieDust with gold flecks – perfect for holiday fun! Use as an accent or on her own for a gorgeous textured matte look.



Thank you team Zoya for sending this collection complimentary for review purposes.

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