Zoya Nail Polish Yasmeen

Zoya Nail Polish in Yasmeen can be best described as: Dark blue-toned purple base with very strong red-toned medium purple shimmer and hints of gold duochrome. The ultimate complex purple for maximum drama.

Family – Purple 

Finish – Metallic 

Intensity – 5 ( 1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque ) 

Tone – Warm 

Yasmeen is probably Zoya’s most popular shade and a real classic. Must have for all the purple nail polish lovers out there. I even associate the whole brand with this shade. When you say Zoya I will think of Yasmeen. It is actually the first color I’ve ever noticed from Zoya. I am big on purple nail polishes and this one is very very unique. Color is very complex, dark purple with blue undertones but with red and golden shimmer that really makes it special. I wanted to take as many photos as possible in the direct sunlight so you can see the real beauty of it. 

This is my first Zoya nail polish so I can’t speak in general about the formula. It is slightly tinner than OPI, more like Essie but it applies nicely, no streaks, no bubbles, and dries pretty fast. When it comes to a brush it’s pretty thin. Like Essie or a little bit thinner. I do prefer wider brushes but I was surprised that I did not have hard time applying with this one.  

I actually received Yasmeen as a gift with a purchase of Zoya nail polish remover that I love! I also received two more polishes that I will review soon. 

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