Zoya Naturel 3 Collection


Experience six new, easy-to-wear additions to our popular Zoya Naturel Nail Polish color collection. This 3rd Naturel palette is a perfectly balanced array of low to high impact neutrals. All in the 10 FREE*, long-wearing, two coat, full-coverage cream formula Zoya is known for.

Plus, three coordinating lush lip hues too!


Zoya nail polish

Tatum (ZP877): a medium light nude cream with a warm base.

Cathy (ZP878): a light pinky nude cream.

Jill (ZP879): a lighter mauve cream nude.

Mary (ZP880): a medium raisin cream.

Gina (ZP881): a medium brown neutral cream.

Debbie (ZP882): a plum brown cream.

$10 ea. (US)


Zoya Perfect lipstick

Cameron (ZLS04): a hydrating nude neutral with a cream finish.
Paisley (ZLS05): an easy to wear, blush-rose hydrating neutral cream.
Maxwell (ZLS08): a deep plum with a subtle metallic fleck in a matte finish.

$12 ea. (US)











DECEMBER 15, 2016

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