Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 Collection


Today I have to show you 12 new shades from Zoya as a part of the Sophisticates fall 2017 collection. Deep dark hues, wine tones, creams and shimmers…. honestly this is my favorite Zoya collection ever. I love dark nails, deep reds, mauve tones and cream finishes.

To start with my favorites : Hadley – incredible deep blue cream!! Perfect in two thin coats, goes on evenly and has high shine finish even without a top coat. If you like dark nails you need this one. Now on to reds – Mona and Yvonne are both equally beautiful with Mona being a bit warmer (more brown) and deeper. For me these kind of shades are must have for fall. Both Hera and Padma lean very pink (even tho not described as pink) with Padma being significantly brighter. I like them both a lot, not typical fall colors but very feminine and into “sophisticates” picture perfectly. Gal is extremely interesting color  -not my cup of tea BUT with three coats it gives good coverage and in artificial light / direct sunlight that gorgeous shimmer really pops! McKenna is nude nail polish lover dream come true – that’s all I have to say about it. It is really beautiful color and doesn’t leave streaks.  One more shimmer from the collection is Beth – super unique color and I loved it more than I expected. Two coats for full coverage. Presley is in the mauve category – my favorite beside reds, but it just left me not too excited about it possibly because color is not so unique. It is pretty if you don’t have anything like it already. Elaine and Tabitha were my two least favorite – although Tabitha did have really pretty shimmer. Simply they didn’t do much for me. Formula on both is excellent.


Hadley can be best described a smokey, midnight blue cream.


Mona can be best described a deep, burgandy plum cream.


Padma can be best described as a deep, vermillion red cream.


Joni can be best described as a deep, dusty plum cream.


Yvonne  can be best described as a rich, bordeaux red cream.


Gal  can be best described a smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic.


Hera  can be best described as a muted, red mauve cream.


McKenna  can be best described as a refined pearl in a soft almond.


Presley can be best described as a smokey, mauve taupe cream


Beth can be best described as a soft, sandy, champagne metallic


Tabitha can be best described a refined pearl in a deep hunter green.


Elaine  can be best described a dark, umber brown cream.


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