Zoya Summer 2018 Sunshine collection review and swatches


Say hello to SUNSHINE! Zoya’s newest assortment of bright and easy to wear shades ranging from creams to holographic toppers, sure to put a smile on your face any Summer’s Day. Also included within the Sunshine Collection are two “Unicorn Kisses” shades that are stunning sparkling toppers!

Hello everyone, so happy to be able to show you newest Zoya Summer 2018 collection called Sunshine – it is bright it is fun and oh so perfect for the pink lovers. It features a couple of pink shades –  Missy and Sandy are so similar that it is really hard to tell them apart in photos while in real you can see that Sandy is slightly deeper in tone. Minnie is very interesting for having warm undertone while Clementine is the only one that has shimmer (all the other pinks are creme and all have amazing full coverage formula). Clementine also went on a little bit patchy (note the swatch below). I had some bald spots after 2 coats.  Ellie is a gorgeous raspberry and one of my favorites from the collection – great formula and so bright and eye-catching.

There are also two toppers – Saldana which I tried over Delia (loved Delia on its own too!) and Nahla which I applied over Jack. Jack was a bit hard for me to pull off on its own because these kind of shades are so tricky if you have lighter skin tone (hello corpse hands). I think Nahla gave it extra special something and made it more wearable. I am not huge on large glitters but these two were both nicely done and more important  – easy to remove.

Beside Ellie, Karen and Virginia are my two other favorites from the collection. I can’t resist bright red, coral or raspberry shades.  For some reason, Karen and Virginia also appear very similar in the photos (one is “poppy red” while the other is “coral red”). Both have an incredible formula and high shine. Do yourself a favor and get both! These will be my picks for summer pedicure colors too.



DELIA – a full coverage muted amethyst cream


SALDANA – a buildable, cotton-candy blue holographic topper with hints of pink and blue colored glitter layered over DELIA


MISSY – the perfect summer pink in a full coverage cream formula


SANDY – a full coverage blue toned flamingo pink cream


ELLIE – a full coverage raspberry sorbet cream


KAREN – a full coverage poppy red cream


MARIGOLD- a bright and dazzling micro-shimmer red in a full coverage formula


VIRGINIA – a full coverage juicy coral red cream


MINNIE – a full coverage pink toned coral cream


CLEMENTINE – a full coverage salmon toned coral with a pink and orange micro-shimmer


JACK – a full coverage nude cream, perfect to match your morning latte layered with NAHLA – a buildable, golden glitter


Zoya Summer 2018 Sunshine launches May 1st on their website. You can see more  HERE

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