Zoya Thrive Collection Spring 2018 – Swatches & Review


Today I am so excited to share with you the beautiful new spring 2018 Zoya Thrive Collection. Only 6 new shades – 3 cremes and 3 shimmers (one of the shimmers can be used only as a topper over other shades or alone). Rich pigmented hues flourish in this new spring collection from Zoya! Experience the emergence of color from a dusty gull gray metallic to a vibrant lilac purple.

My favorite from this collection is gorgeous Haruko – unique color in my collection. Light lavender with a tiny light blue shimmer in it. Two coats for opaque coverage. All of the creams in this collection are done well. And I can’t say no to good creme finish. Monroe, Trudith, and Brandi are all equally pretty, go on well, evenly and give full coverage in two coats. All of them have high shine finish for a creme nail color. Trudith is my favorite of the tree because I am a sucker for purple. Darby is more of a blue than a gray as described, the formula was a bit tricky, slightly runny and gave me hard time but if you have patience it’s so worth it for it’s super pretty tiny shimmer.


Haruko can be best described as a soft, violet metallic.


Monroe can be best described as a glamour pink cream.


Brandi  can be best described as a blush pink cream.


Trudith can be best described as a muted, wisteria purple cream.


Darby can be best described as a dusty, gull gray metallic.


Leisel can be best described as a sheer, sparkling topper.


Zoya nail polishes retail for 10$ and can be found on ZOYA WEBSITE

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