Blush comparison swatches – NARS Outlaw, NARS Sin, MAC Plum foolery and MAC Flirt&Tease

As you already understand I recently bought as well as assessed NARS blush. I received ask for swatch contrast with NARS Sin, so I figured I should look trough my stash and also try to find even more similar colors.

Wrong is definitely much more purple than, actually the most purple among these 4.

is the rosiest as well as the just one with the gold sheen.

Plum foolery would be the closest one to but not as glowing, more pigmented as well as softer in appearance and also no golden luster.

Flirt&& Tease is closer to Wrong but not as purple. It is much more mauvey as well as has some luster to it.

Leading to bottom: Wrong,, Plum foolery, Flirt and tease

L-R: Flirt and also tease, Plum foolery,, Wrong

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