Exuviance® Launches AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules

Exuviance simply introduced AF Vitamin C20 Serum Pills, a potent formula of maximum toughness 20% Vitamin C and patented AminoFil( R) to restore and also shield skin.

L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C, is a necessary co-factor in the manufacturing of collagen assisting to improve firmness, strengthen skin’s matrix, smooth fine lines as well as wrinkles, brighten dark places, as well as protect against day-to-day environmental damages. Patented AminoFil( R) volumizes as well as targets the skin matrix for boosted firming benefits.

” Vitamin C has actually long been a best topical treatment, but lots of formulas have actually been ineffective as they shed strength when opened up,” says,, R&D as well as Clinical Study, NeoStrata Business, Inc. “Regular direct exposure to air and light cause the L-Ascorbic Acid to damage down. The single-use pill shipment system of Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Product Capsules prevents active ingredient deterioration as well as guarantees that consumers are obtaining optimum benefits from each application.”

I have to confess I am not substantial fan of Vitamin c skincare products as well as don’t often have them in my skin care program. The factor is a while ago I attempted product with high concentration of Vitamin c and had a little bit of reaction (red bumps) so I had to discontinue the usage. When opportunity came to try newest release from Exuviance I was thrilled to provide Vitamin C another shot and I am so delighted I did. Because I did not intend to take the chance of an additional reaction I began making use of Vitamin C product capsules at first 2-3 times a week, mixing it with my evening time cream and afterwards gradually begun utilizing them by themselves again only 2-3 times a week. If you are not delicate I believe you can use it each day, at night as well as see to it to follow with SPF in the morning. You are meant to twist capsule open and give serum directly into hand. Utilizing fingertips smooth lightly over skin in the evening and you can adhere to (or combine with) cream or anti aging therapy. It is fantastic that it can be used as a part of your existing routine.

experience after number of weeks of use is stronger and smoother skin as well as my great lines especially on my temple are less noticeable. Skin is a lot more even toned as well as several of the blog post acne scarring as well as soreness is a whole lot lighter as well as not as obvious. I enjoy that these come as single usage capsules so I can utilize it only couple of times a week without harming the remainder of product with exposing it to air as well as light. I am also pleased that Vitamin C gives antioxidant defense against ecological damage. those that experience discoloration, dark areas, son areas, melasma… … Vitamin C is paradise sent out and also this concentration needs to visibly darken the spots and level the entire skin.

Exuviance AF Vitamin C product pills retail for only 69$ given that you are obtaining 60 pills – – well worth of 2 months of on a daily basis make use of or even much longer if you make a decision to utilize them only couple of times a week. This is incredible value because all the products that have such a high focus of active ingredients and also are implied for lightening/ discoloration/anti maturing are normally well over 100$ (if not much more).

Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Product Capsules, retail for $69 (60 single-use capsules) readily available at Exuviance.com, ULTA, as well as ULTA.com from July 2017.


Thank you so much Exuviance as well as BrandBacker for providing example for assessing objectives. Please check out my Instagram for amazing giveaway! One follower will obtain full size Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Serum pills.

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